Contact info

16719 Gramercy Pl. Torrance, CA  90247
Mon. – Fri. 7am-4pm

Phone: 310.212.6152
Fax:  310.212.6525

405 South
405 South, Exit Artesia Blvd., Left on Gramercy Pl.

405 North
405 North, Exit Western Ave., Right on Western Ave.,
Left on Artesia Blvd., Right on Gramercy Pl.

91 West
91 West Ends at Vermont Ave., Continue onto Artesia Blvd.,
Right on Gramercy Pl.

 Note: We have a Torrance city address with a Gardena zip code. GPS navigation systems may require you to enter “Gardena” as the city for accurate directions. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.

Shane Trott /
Sales Manager