Scheduling Delivery

Jobsite delivery is another convenient service offered by Alpine Door & Trim. Once the manufacturer delivers the order to Alpine Door & Trim’s warehouse the products are inspected thoroughly for accuracy and quality control. The shipping/receiving department contacts the customer to notify them that their product is ready for pick up, or to make delivery arrangements if the client has opted for jobsite delivery. A delivery date and time that is convenient for the client is scheduled, and balance payment for the order is discussed at this time. Customers who do not have Net 15 or Net 30 Account terms must pay the balance of their order prior to, or at time of delivery. Customers are asked to make credit card payments at the office.

Jobsite Direct Orders

Some manufacturers offer jobsite direct delivery services. This means that instead of the product being delivered to Alpine’s warehouse and then to the jobsite, the order will go directly from the manufacturer’s plant to the jobsite. Jobsite direct delivery is recommended for larger orders. When customer’s opt for this method of delivery the manufacturer provides a ship date during Step 2 of the order process. On the day prior to the ship date, the manufacturer contacts Alpine Door & Trim with a 2 to 3 hour time window for delivery. This information is passed on to the customer and/or jobsite contact to ensure that workers will be available to help offload the product from the delivery truck. Balance payment for the order is due prior to delivery if the customer does not have an Net 15 or Net 30 Account with Alpine Door & Trim.

Delivery Protocol

  • Alpine Door & Trim and manufacturers perform curbside delivery only. This means that product is unloaded from the delivery truck at the street curb or at the end of the driveway of a jobsite. The client is responsible for having at least 2- able bodied workers available to receive the product and spread it onto the jobsite.
  • The driver checks off line items on the packing slip or invoice as the product is received, and the customer confirms receipt of the product by signing off or initialing the appropriate document.
  • The Alpine Door & Trim driver collects any balance payments prior to leaving the jobsite.