What is a jobwalk?

A jobwalk, or jobsite consultation, is in order when a client is having trouble determining the proper window and door products for a project. Alpine Door & Trim’s seasoned sales representatives are available to meet with customers at  jobsites to review openings and architectural details of a building or home. This helps to ensure the best product is selected to complement the overall style of the project, as well as work within any special conditions that may be present (i.e. wall conditions, framing, etc.). On larger projects a jobwalk with the builder will typically be required prior to final sign off of an order. Although this adds 1- additional step to the order process, the peace of mind and confidence clients receive from this service is worth the time and is beneficial to both parties.

Do I qualify for a jobwalk?

Jobwalks are typically free of charge. Please contact the office with the following information to determine if you qualify:

  • First and last name
  • Project address
  • Number of window and door openings to be discussed

You may call the office (310.212.6152) with the above information or send it via email to

Projects that do NOT qualify for a jobwalk:

  • Screen replacements
  • Moulding and trimwork
  • Door and window hardware components
  • Glass replacements