A customer has received their quote and wants to move forward. What is the next step?

Step 1: Order Sign Off

Alpine Door & Trim has specific protocol for order processing to help eliminate error and discrepancy. Customers are asked to field verify all product specifications with their builder to ensure that the proper product and options have been selected and are cohesive with the installation application. Larger orders typically require a jobwalk with the builder and sales representative. Once all line items have been verified the client will report back to the Alpine sales representative with any final changes. A final contract is generated and the line items are reviewed for a final time. Once the final specifications are approved, the client signs the contract and provides any necessary deposits.

Step 2: Placing the Order and Determining Lead Time

After the client signs off on the order, the sales representative processes the order with the manufacturer(s). Most manufacturers will fax or email the sales representative an order confirmation to verify the product specifications and to provide the date the product(s) will ship to the warehouse or directly to the jobsite. Once this information is received from the manufacturer, the shipping/receiving department at Alpine forwards the information to the customer. It usually takes 1 to 2 business days after the order is placed to receive a ship date from the manufacturer. If any changes or back orders occur the customer is notified immediately.

Step 3: Receiving the Product

Once the manufacturer delivers the order to Alpine Door & Trim’s warehouse the products are inspected thoroughly for accuracy and quality control. The shipping/receiving department contacts the customer to notify them that their product is ready for pick up, or to make delivery arrangements if the client has opted for jobsite delivery.

Jobsite Direct Orders:

Some manufacturers offer jobsite direct delivery services. This means that instead of the product being delivered to Alpine’s warehouse and then to the jobsite, the order will go directly from the manufacturer’s plant to the jobsite. Jobsite direct delivery is recommended for larger orders. When customer’s opt for this method of delivery the manufacturer provides a ship date during Step 2 of the order process. On the day prior to the ship date, the manufacturer contacts Alpine Door & Trim with a 2 to 3 hour time window for delivery. This information is passed on to the customer and/or jobsite contact to ensure that workers will be available to help offload the product from the delivery truck.